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Cell Tower Disputes

Community Profiles

Communities across Canada are being faced with unwelcome and unwanted cellular towers in their neighborhoods. All allowed under Safety Code 6 guidelines.

Cell Towers

Cell Towers

Canada's standards are inadequate for protecting children and families from microwave radiation.

Smart Meters

Smart Meters
"Smart Meters" transmit information 24/7, effectively blanketing homes and neighbourhoods with radiation.

RSC Conflicted Panel

RSC Review Panel for Safety Code 6 - Conflicted

Health Canada has commissioned The Royal Society of Canada to put together an expert panel to perform an independent review of Safety Code 6.  The panel they have chosen is deeply conflicted.

Safety Code 6

Safety Code 6

Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 is meant to ensure that public exposures fall within acceptable guidelines, but are they sufficient?


There is mounting evidence worldwide, showing adverse biological effects from low-frequency, radiofrequency fields.

Represent Your Riding

Represent Your Riding

We are looking for people who are concerned about elevating personal and public safety to represent C4ST in every riding across Canada.  Is that you?

Wi-Fi In Schools

Wi-Fi in Schools
Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) is a relatively recent innovation in our society, yet it impacts homes, schools and communities significantly.

Bioinitiative 2012

Bioinitiative 2012
A Rationale for a Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic Fields.
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C4ST is completely funded by concerned citizens such as yourself. 


Stand Up As Canadians...

...and demand Safety Code 6 be changed to protect our future.

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4 Safe Technology

Canada's Cell Towers

A sample of the inappropriate placement and disguise of cell towers across our great country. All allowable under the outdated guidelines of Safety Code 6.


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